El Choppwahio - 29th Mar 2006 (10:59:00)

No new tracks, but a new player! Randomly plays through all the Pompeii tracks. You can also jump to any point within the track as well.

Launch snubPlayer >>

There's also a Pompeii MySpace page as well, so please, be our friends.

We Won!
Bill Pharret - 25th Oct 2005 (11:47:11)

Yes yes, Pompeii return to songfight and win all the prizes....

New Choons
Bill Pharret - 10th Oct 2005 (20:52:32)

Pompeii awaken with a new tune - Dead Nose - check it in the player... then go and vote for it on the website (pease)

mmm quiet innit?
Bill Pharret - 28th Jul 2005 (13:39:05)

thankyou for holding
more music coming soon
In the meantime Whalebender have created the Woodi track for you to laugh at....

Just when you thought it was safe.....
Bill Pharret - 31st Jan 2005 (18:27:15)

We're back!!!
With another stonking Pompeii entry for song fight entitled Glass Eye!
Oooh thats hard.....

This is the NEWS
Bill Pharret - 28th Oct 2004 (12:33:03)

Hello there,
We are still around, just very quiet!
Pompeii recently participated in Songfight UK
Much fun was had by all, SPP video'ed the event so we should be updating with some moving pics real soon!
Emma's Project is coming on a treat, should be some more music going on the player in the next couple of days - I know you can't wait!!

Bill Pharret - 2nd Aug 2004 (13:23:17)

Hello everyone,
Farrett here,
The Buttnuggeteers have been busy working on all sorts of stuff more of which will follow shortly.
Thanks to everyone who witnessed the Mighty Pompeii play at Snubfest, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did...
Look out for more Songfighting in the near future.

Stacy is a winner
Bill Pharret - 13th Jun 2004 (10:05:54)

Yes she is - Ta for all the votes citizens!!
Next track is up already - a ROCKtastic number known as "Say The Word"
Get voting on the website!!

So Kind Stacy
Bill Pharret - 27th May 2004 (13:40:43)

New entry on the playa y'all - check it out!!
Featuring my homies, Fat Hands, KT, Gangsta Phil, Doctor Rhymes, and the mysterious SPP
UBERSnub to the Vegas two!
Word Peace
out (snub)

A Promise IS a Promise
El Choppwahio - 17th May 2004 (13:15:38)

This week's songfight track was recorded al fresco stylee!! And to prove it here's a video!!!!

Low Res version

Hi Res version

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