Fat Hands Remix
Massive Gay - 6th Feb 2004 (12:28:27)

Check out Fat Hands remix of Emma Blackshield's track Dim.

Both versions of the track can be heard on the Butt Player


Reviews of Brown Boxes
Dr J Nylon - 29th Jan 2004 (16:37:24)

Oooh look, the reviews are in,
with a packet of peanuts and a bottle of gin,

singing a sea shanty with a hip hip hooray,
the winners this week must be Pompeii!!

Massive Gay - 27th Jan 2004 (16:29:59)


Das Pompeii manshaft songen BROWN BOXES ist in dem Songfight. Ummm, YOU WILL ANSWER DE VOTE!


Neu Track
Bill Pharret - 21st Jan 2004 (13:16:23)

Das Pompeii has ein Neu Track - Brawn Boxes -
Listen to it on ze player...

New Year
Bill Pharret - 9th Jan 2004 (15:24:35)

So, Pompeii made their first public appearance since the 70's at a party somewhere in the middle of the Shire.
The gig was a resounding success with much sillyness and crowd pleasing. Some video evidence may appear here if your all good children and eat your greens and blues.

New Facility comes online
Bill Pharret - 16th Dec 2003 (14:46:12)

stop sniggering - we have aquired our second studio - somewhere in the countryside near some beefs.

New Artist
Bill Pharret - 5th Dec 2003 (16:32:10)

ooh look PW has landed

All the prizes go to Pompeii
Dr J Nylon - 5th Dec 2003 (09:35:59)

This week, Pompeii have been mostly drinking champagne. This is because we won our first songfight

Thanks to all our loyal Pompeteers! Watch out for our next offering, coming soon!

Fourth place for Kenneth
Dr J Nylon - 3rd Dec 2003 (10:50:40)

In Pompeii's 5th Songfight, our efforts didn't quite get us into a medal winning position.

Don't forget to vote!

The Institute for Nylonic Advancement
Dr J Nylon - 2nd Dec 2003 (13:46:54)

The Institute for Nylonic Advancement will be opening soon. Please direct all questions here.

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