One Eyed Freak...
El Choppwahio - 6th Oct 2003 (13:37:27)

Unfortunately it was too late for the Song Fight deadline, but you can listen to the latest Pompeii offering (so far...) right here. (Verse lyrics to follow...)

Pompeii . Bullseye Girl WIP MP3

They Are Coming!
Massive Gay - 26th Sep 2003 (16:38:48)

Look out for a series of teaser posters for Pompeii in the next month....

Also, gigs are on the horizon!!

Song Fight!!
Massive Gay - 26th Sep 2003 (13:38:53)

Look out for Pompeii's first entry to this week, Happy Machine Ankle!

Based around one of the bands family members, Happy Machine Ankle is an ode to days gone by.... ahhhh

Check it at

..oh, and VOTE FOR IT!!!

Alternatively, for all you gays out there, check out

Here It Is...
El Choppwahio - 26th Sep 2003 (13:11:07)


It's here, use and abuse as you will.


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