New Reviews for Please don't call me Ken
Dr J Nylon - 25th Nov 2003 (14:32:54)

Some people have bothered to say what they think of us, can you be bothered to read what they said?

I Don't Believe You
Massive Gay - 23rd Nov 2003 (15:10:25)

Brand new POMPEII track, yet again for Songfight

Liar, liar, liar, liar..... ALL LIES!!


Please Don't Call Me Ken...
Massive Gay - 18th Nov 2003 (10:53:41)

Brand new Pompeii track on songfight

Vote for us now!

We out...

More Than Soup...
El Choppwahio - 3rd Nov 2003 (10:35:27)

NEW Song Fight Pompeii track!!

Laundry - Classic Rock from the Pompeii Archive.
Dr J Nylon - 30th Oct 2003 (11:49:44)

A trip down memory lane for all you Pompeteers, from a time when hair was big and spandex was everywhere. Dust off your air guitar, cause it's time to rock!!

El Choppwahio - 30th Oct 2003 (10:00:00)

Oh look, Pompeii came second AGAIN in last week's songfight... This time by 2 votes!

Ok, Let me make this clear to you all...
This week we have the 80s classic from Pompeii's rather dubious electro-pop era in for Driving.


OH WOW! Two brand new Pompeii tracks
Massive Gay - 24th Oct 2003 (09:11:24)

I cannot even comprehend it!!

Executive Chair

Check out the Pompeii section!

Whalebender Track Uploaded
Bill Pharret - 22nd Oct 2003 (13:58:12)

Latest smelly offering from the snubbers

Stand In The Circle
Massive Gay - 17th Oct 2003 (11:05:29)

Look out for Pompeii's new addition to Song Fight next week.

The track was recorded on mixed at Butt Nugget studio 1 last night. You can hear it on the Butt Nugget Player.

Remember to vote for us next week!

I'm out (and massively gay)

Song Fight Silver!
Massive Gay - 7th Oct 2003 (14:02:42)

Hello and thanks to all those that voted for us at

We came 2nd by 1 vote!

Look out for further entries in the next couple of months...

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